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Children’s One to One
Our intensive private tutorial program exclusively for children under 16!

Whether it’s preparing your child for upcoming exams, getting a “head start” for next year’s French class or simply lending a hand with some problem areas, Coeur de France can help. In as little as 1 or 2 weeks your child will have the opportunity to learn — and retain — the equivalent of several months of study in his/her French class back home! The keys are focus and funyour child’s teacher devotes 100% of her attention to your child — no distractions, no teaching to the lowest common denominator — while blending in just the right amount of age appropriate fun (role play, board games, etc.). Attending daily private lessons along with actually being in a French village where your child is surrounded by the French language and culture turns the abstraction of a ‘foreign’ language into something concrete and practical. The result is real and lasting PROGRESS.