Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Price Quote

Click on the button below to "Ask for a Price Quote"and we'll email you an estimate of the total costs for your proposed program. It’s free and there’s no obligation.

NOTE: IF YOU ARE NOT A COMPLETE BEGINNER, you will be redirected to a placement test before requesting a price quote, so we know what is available for your level.


Resident Students are those students choosing to stay in our accommodation. Each Resident Student qualifies for a 150 euro per week tuition discount. This discount is included in the fees as noted on the Fees page of our website. For example, 1 student staying 1 week qualifies for a 150 euro tuition discount; 2 weeks = 300 euro tuition discount and so on. Resident Students also qualify for the various other discounts that we offer (special seasonal discounts, multi week discounts, etc.). We know you have many accommodation choices in Sancerre and we appreciate your choosing to stay with us. This is our way of saying “merci” to those people who make that choice!

This mostly has to do with dates. Coeur de France periodically offers special promotions. We encourage you to check the “Special Offers” page for the latest offerings. Once you have confirmed your dates, registered and paid your confirmation deposit, we guarantee that your fees will not change (up or down).

There is NO maximum age. There IS a minimum age: you must be at least 16 years of age to attend the Group or One to One programs and 6 years-old for Family Program or Children's 1:1 Program.

It’s a very good idea to arrive with at least 100 euros in your pocket for unanticipated expenses if they pop up. If you need more cash, there are many automatic teller machines here and you can make a withdrawal from your bank account at any one of them. Using your credit card for other purchases is also a very shrewd idea since you’ll benefit from the best exchange rate and usually avoid commissions. DO NOT BRING FOREIGN MONEY (such as US dollars or British pounds)! Most French banks NO LONGER change foreign cash into euros unless you are a customer of that bank. This is the case in Sancerre too.

Coeur de France recommends that all students obtain appropriate travelers insurance which would cover cancellation of your program, repatriation, and any medical service you might need. Ask your local travel agent or insurance agent.

Depends on your nationality and how long you’ll be staying here. If you’re American and will be here for a few weeks or a couple of months, you don’t need a visa. If you’re a citizen of the European Union you won’t need a visa. If you’re not sure of your status, please check with your nearest French consulate.

We understand that unexpected things can happen and that you may decide to leave early. However, we cannot make any reimbursements for unused classes or accommodation. For this reason we recommend obtaining appropriate travel insurance that would reimburse you.

Unfortunately, missed classes are not made up and we are unable to refund or credit any of your fees. However, if you let us know well in advance of your arrival, we'll do our best to plan around your schedule so that you will not miss any classes. (This is easier to do for One to One students than for Group for obvious reasons.)

All ages. While the average age of students may be in their 30s or 50s, at any given moment we usually have students here ranging in age from 20s to 70+. Children are welcome to study with their parents in the special “Family Program” or in the children’s tutorial “Children's One to One“.

 The “average” student stays 2 weeks. You can stay as little as 1 or as long as 8.

The vast majority of students progress more than they ever imagined! We promise to provide you with all the resources and personal attention you should expect from a quality language program. We'll be patient, we'll explain and re-explain until you "get it". We'll speak to you in French and patiently wait for you to answer in French. We'll take you on cultural excursions where you'll meet and interact with native speakers. The rest is up to you. Would you be able to arrive as an absolute beginner speaking no French and leave 2 weeks later, fluent? No. But if you're motivated, patient, self-disciplined and with good study habits and make every effort to speak and engage with the French world around you, you'll be able to hold up your end of a conversation with a native French speaker after a couple weeks!

A reasonable amount. With private courses, the amount is negotiable with your teacher.

We have free WIFI Internet access at the school and all accommodation.

Private courses (Family, One to OneChildren's One to One and 2:1 courses) may start on any Monday, subject to availability. Group courses have specific starting dates according to levels. Please see our 'dates' page for more information.

In a word: No. And here’s why.

After providing host family accommodations for several years, we decided to discontinue this kind of accommodation because we believe that the positive aspects of it are outweighed by the significant negative aspects.

The following are just some of them:

  • lack of privacy
  • isolation from other French people
  • adjustment to the family’s household rules and routine
  • student’s dietary needs unable to be met by families
  • presence of household pets in most families
  • smoking/nonsmoking environment cannot be guaranteed
  • environment not conducive to studying
  • distance from school
  • and more…

We understand that students seeking host family accommodations are motivated by their belief that they will have more opportunity for social interaction with native speakers and thus improve their language skills. Unfortunately, the realities of daily life with a family often make this impossible.

Think About It…

In most French families, children attend school and both parents work. You as a Coeur de France student have class and perhaps an optional excursion during the day. When you returns home in the late afternoon you have at least a couple of hours of homework to do.

The parents of the host family usually return home around 6:30 pm. The family sees each other for the first time since early morning and would probably like some private time to catch up on their day. Then Madame must begin preparing dinner and Monsieur has a few chores he needs to take care of….

Unfortunately, the reality is that a student’s only QUALITY contact with the host family would be during dinner (which for most French families is from about 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm). The majority of the stay with the family would be limited to such things as sharing the bathroom and having a quick slice of toast and coffee for breakfast!

Most of our students are mature adults and while the notion of living with a family is charming, the actual experience can be problematic for someone accustomed to their independence and free choice. Coming and going when you please is usually not allowed; smoking or nonsmoking accommodations, food, comfort, etc. are simply beyond Coeur de France’s control and so cannot be guaranteed. The potential problems are many. Thus, we discontinued the host family option.

A (much) Better Alternative

Enjoy the freedom to live like an adult, not a child or a tolerated house guest. Learning to manage on your own (with a little help from us if needed) is a step in the right direction for gaining confidence in your French skills. With your own apartment including your own private kitchen (apartments are not shared with other students), you can prepare your own meals whenever you wish. Students often invite other students — and new French friends — for a lunch or dinner “chez moi”!

At Coeur de France, we want you to interact with native French people and gain confidence in your own abilities. Shop with the local people, discover new recipes, eat what you want to when you want to, experiment with French cuisine, entertain friends and fellow students. Experience real, authentic French living in a winemaking village — just like one of us.

Bienvenue chez vous!

If you are staying for several weeks or coming with friends or family, renting a car is always a good idea as it makes it much easier to visit our region, but it isn’t absolutely necessary. For stays of less than 2 weeks and if you have accommodation in Sancerre, a car is not recommended for individual students. If you're staying in school accommodation you're already at the school or within a few minutes walk. Transportaiton is also provided for all activities/excursions. But if you want one, search the internet for rental cars in Cosne sur Loire.

Because nowadays nearly everyone has a mobile (cell) phone, our apartments do not have landline telephones. But they DO have free wifi.

Only the Resident Student Tuition Discount and Multiweek discounts (which may/may not be combined for some special offers), other discounts are not cumulative.

There will be no course on French public (“bank”) holidays. The courses will not be made up (except for private lessons) and are not refundable. Coeur de France is also closed 2 weeks every year for the Christmas holidays (generally around December 20 through January 1).