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Courses for 2 people

Parent and child

If you’re a parent with a child, a couple considering studying together, 2 children studying together, or just 2 friends — our 2:1 course is for you!

Private class of the 2 of you together sharing a teacher. Together, you and the teacher design a course of study suited to your specific needs.


2 friends, family members

You have 21 lessons per week (17 hours per week of instruction). As with our Family course, normal differences in skill levels are not a problem.



Also like the Family course, you have your own private apartment at the school or within a short walk providing a maximum of independence, comfort and privacy.

2:1 Course

  • 2 persons together sharing 1 teacher (2:1), minimum age 6 years-old
  • 21 lessons per week (17 hours per week)
  • From 1 to 8 week courses available
  • All levels welcome
  • Tuition & lodging packages available

View deluxe apartments at the school, or if you prefer a house or apartment off site but within walking distance, click here.