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NOTE: IF YOU ARE NOT A COMPLETE BEGINNER, you will be redirected to a placement test before requesting a price quote, so we know what is available for your level.


A cultural immersion in the heart of France

Coeur de France Cultural Immersion was founded over 25 years ago in Sancerre, France. Thousands of persons from around the world have participated in our highly rated resident French language program.

Coeur de France online courses are taught by our professional French language teachers who also teach at our school here in Sancerre. All of our teachers are highly qualified, experienced, native French speakers.


How to Register

You can register here.

We will reply with availability information and a payment link will be emailed to you to confirm your program (Visa and MC accepted).



The scheduling of your online course is between you and your teacher.

All courses are 4 x 1 hour lessons (total 4 hours) unless you organize differently with your teacher.

Depending on your course and your level, you may receive emailed texts or other support materials the teacher considers useful for you (no additional cost).

Fees (all courses are 4 (four) 1 hour lessons)

  • Private One to One Course: 245 euros, (220.50 euros discounted rate – see below)
  • 2:1 Course (you and your friend or family member together sharing 1 teacher): 245 euros, (220.50 euros discounted rate – see below)

Discounted Tuition Rate

Coeur de France is pleased to offer the following discount:

  • Buy 1 course (4 hours) and receive a -10% discount off of the regular tuition fee for subsequent online courses the same year.

Note: Whenever possible, lessons will be rescheduled if you request your teacher to do so more than 24 hours in advance. Missed lessons are not made up nor credit given. Lessons cancelled less than 24 hours in advance are considered ‘missed lessons’. Discounts non-cumulable, non-combinable.