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NOTE: IF YOU ARE NOT A COMPLETE BEGINNER, you will be redirected to a placement test before requesting a price quote, so we know what is available for your level.


Programs for Adults

Coeur de France's programs for adults are available for all levels.

We offer the following courses:

Group: Limited to 9 students maximum. Specific starting dates according to level.

One to One: Private class of 1 student with 1 teacher. Ideal way to maximize your progress in a short period of time. May start on any Monday with availability.

Combination: The best of both worlds! This course 'combines' the Group course with 3 one hour private lessons weekl. You have both the interaction with Group classmates + the personal attention of a teacher in your 3 private lessons.

Of course, adults can also have instruction with their family in our Family course or with one friend or family member in our 2:1 Course