Feedback from students indicates they appreciate our personalized high quality instruction, our beautiful wine country location, and the flexibility our manageable size allows us — Group classes limited to 9  students, Adult One to One and Children One to One individual instruction courses, Combination classes (combining Group + 3 hours of weekly private tutoring), our special Family2:1 courses and our special 2 week tuition + accommodations packages. Also highly rated are our relevant and fun optional cultural excursions which are proposed daily to help students put into immediate practice concepts they have learned in class.

Add to this our French Home Cooking class and behind-the-scenes winery visits and tastings and you can begin to see the difference that makes Coeur de France unique!

Student feedback also shows that our high quality accommodations are much appreciated, especially the studio, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments.

Who are Coeur de France students?

They’re adults (except for the Children’s One to One program and the children having a Family Program with their families) who come to seriously study French in a relaxed and fun environment. Some come to study for their job, others come simply for the love of the language. Still others come just to try a new and different kind of vacation holiday.

What’s the average age?

All are adults, 16 or above, except for the children who come with their families for the special Family Program (where the minimum age is 6).

The age range is between 16 to 75 with most being between 35 and 55 years-old. However, statistics (as usual) don’t really tell the whole story. We have many retired students as well as some fourth year university students. No matter your age, you’re sure to fit in.

From where do they come?

Most are from North America and the UK. Australia and New Zealand are also well represented. The rest come from Europe and some from Asia and Africa.

How long do they stay?

The average stay is from 2 to 4 weeks, but many students stay up to 8 weeks or more. Others with more limited time may stay only 1 week.

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