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Click on the button below to "Ask for a Price Quote"and we'll email you an estimate of the total costs for your proposed program. It’s free and there’s no obligation.

NOTE: IF YOU ARE NOT A COMPLETE BEGINNER, you will be redirected to a placement test before requesting a price quote, so we know what is available for your level.


Courses are Monday through Friday; accommodation starts and ends on a Saturday.

Group and Combination courses are on speciic weeks according to the level of the course. This is why we need to know your level, unless you are a complete beginner (Beginner 1). If you're not a complete beginner, you need to take our free placement test first so that you can see the dates that your level is offered.

Please note: The following programs may begin on any Monday any time of the year: Family2:1One to One and Children’s One to One.

For more information about starting dates, see our FAQ.

Please note that there are no classes on French public holidays; tuition fee or class time is adjusted for private courses (One to One, Children’s One to One, 2:1).

Coeur de France is closed for the Christmas Holidays every year from approximately December 20 through January 1 (see the course schedule below for exact dates).