Coeur de France offers private self catering apartment accommodation

All of the apartments on our website are owned or managed by Coeur de France to assure our students of consistently high quality accommodation and convenient location.

More than suites, these are fully-furnished self catering apartments. All are completely private including bathroom and kitchens. All have complete kitchens including pots/pans, dishes, etc. Linens (sheets and towels) are provided, hair dryers and so on. All have free wifi internet access. All have washer/dryer for laundry.

Arrivals are on Saturdays unless you reserve our optional Late Arrival Guarantee (details here: How To Get Here).

Tuition fees quoted on this website include the 150 euro per student per week “Resident Student Tuition Discount”. This is a special discount that is offered exclusively to students choosing accommodation owned/operated by Coeur de France. Students choosing other accommodation are “Non-Resident Students” and do not qualify for tuition discounts.

School Apartments ( “on site”)

Accommodation Nearby

Question: Does Coeur de France have host family stays (“home stays”)?
In a word: No. For more, see our FAQ.

Question: Are meals provided?
No. Each apartment has its own private kitchen where you can prepare your own meals. There are also many restaurants, bistros, cafés, brasseries, etc., within a 5 to 10 minute walk of any apartment. For more, see our FAQ.

Question: Are linens provided?
Yes. Sheets, pillowcases, towels are provided.

Question: Do apartments have hair dryers?

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