Why not study French “en famille” in our safe and friendly village?


Family program is a private class of just your family (or friends) together sharing 1 teacher. Our country environment with plenty of outdoor activities makes our area especially appealing for family learning holidays. Families or couples may stay in one of the school’s on-site apartments for a maximum of comfort and convenience. Or, if you prefer a house in the country, we have several charming houses and apartments in nearby villages. This course is designed to accommodate most differences in skill levels. Working with you, we will design a course of study tailor-made to your family’s unique needs, individual levels, and time frame. Note: To simply your life, we recommend that families with children provide their own means of transportation (e.g., rental car) if not staying in one of the apartments at or within walking distance to school.

Families (of 3 or more)

  • Families with children 10 years-old or more: 25 lessons (20 hours per week)
  • Families with children less than 10 years old: 21 lessons (17 hours per week)
  • Tuition for children under 10 is just 275 euros!
  • From 1 to 6 week programs
  • Minimum age: 6 years old. No maximum age.
  • All inclusive tuition & lodging packages available!
  • Want to maximize your studies? ALL Family courses are also available as Family Combination courses which add 3 hours of separate, private One to One tutoring for each family member. For cost information, please see Combination Class on the “Fees” page.
  • Note: At least 1 parent (or legal guardian) must attend the Family Program with their child(ren); children attending without a parent in the class may instead register for Le Petit 1:1 course. Please note that a parent or legal guardian must accompany the child in the accommodation and outside of class.

Family Class 2