Cultural immersion at Coeur de France means to be totally immersed in authentic French culture in daily life, not just in the classroom environment.


Group and Combination Programs available from 1 to 8 weeks; private courses (One to One, 2:1, Family) are unlimited.

Classes are Mondays through Fridays (excluding French national holidays — program fee for weeks with holidays is adjusted for private courses). Classes alternate mornings and afternoons throughout the week. For example, if your first class is Monday morning, your second class is Tuesday afternoon. This is so that all students have some mornings and some afternoons free every week so they can choose to participate in the various optional cultural excursions and activities that are offered, visit our area independently or just relax! Weekends are free time for students to discover the area (Paris is a favorite day trip).

We offer 2 levels of Beginner and Intermediate courses (Level 1 and Level 2) and Advanced courses. The courses are taught as ‘modules’ of 2 weeks each. Students with limited time may undertake a program of just one week. Most students who stay for 2 weeks complete one module, if they stay longer they proceed to the next module. For example, a beginner student who has 3 weeks to study with us may do the entire 2 week module of Beginner Level I followed by 1 week of Beginner Level II; a student who has 4 weeks to study with us may complete 2 levels of 2 weeks each and so on…


See our 2 week Packages. Not sure of your level? Take our Free Placement Test On-Line.

An important part of what makes Coeur de France unique among language schools is our emphasis on ‘understanding’ as well as ‘being understood.’

We believe that learning a language in the real world is as valuable as learning in a classroom environment – one complements the other.

Each day is a mix of classroom time and real-world immersion. You put into practice the concepts you just learned in the classroom. We call this our Mission: POSSIBLE!

Picture-39How does it work?

Your teacher may turn to you and, handing you some coins, give you the “mission” of going to the bakery to purchase some bread, or to the post office for some stamps, cheese shop for cheese, ask directions from a stranger, etc. The teacher will accompany you to the destination but will then discreetly observe your experience and debrief you afterwards.

The object is for you to put into immediate practice the concepts that you learned in class a few minutes earlier. This practical approach to improving your verbal skills helps you gain confidence and progress more quickly by using authentic, unscripted real-world interactions with native French speakers.

The real world becomes an extension of your classroom!


Coeur de France also offers optional guided cultural excursions to wineries, farms, châteaux, etc. designed to further enhance your comprehension of French as it is actually spoken — and Coeur de France programs are real French immersion: all instruction, conversation, and excursions are in French.

“When should I register (book) my program?”

Most students register 8 – 10 months in advance for the spring or summer periods; 6 – 8 months in advance for other times of the year.

While it might be possible for you to register less than 6 months in advance, you will have a much greater chance of obtaining your preferred dates and accommodation if keep this in mind.

Avoid disappointment and stress: register EARLY! Coeur de France accepts registerations for a program as much as a year in advance.

The following courses are available from 1 to 8 weeks.

  • Group classes of 25 lessons of 45 minutes (20 hours per week) are limited to 9 students in order to provide a maximum of individual attention.
    Programs from 1 to 8 weeks are available.
    Minimum age: Group classes are reserved for adult students 16 years of age or over.
  • One to One (one teacher to one student) tutorial course. Program is 21 lessons of 45 minutes (17 hours per week).
    Minimum age: One to One classes are reserved for adult students 16 years of age or over.
  • Children’s Tutorial, our private tutorial class for children only! Program is 20 lessons of 45 minutes (15 hours per week).
    Minimum / maximum age: “Le Petit 1:1” is for children 6 to 15 years-old.
  • Families course is a specially designed flexible program for families wanting to learn together. Different levels? Don’t worry, we’ve thought of everything! Program may be from 17 to 20 hours per week, depending on age of children.
    Minimum age: 6 years-old.
  • 2:1 Together, you and the teacher design a course of study suited to your couple’s specific needs. You have 21 lessons per week (17 hours per week of instruction). As with our Family Program, normal differences in skill levels are not a problem. Also like the Family Program, each couple has their own private apartment at the school or in a nearby village providing a maximum of independence, comfort and privacy.
    Minimum age: 6 years-old.
  • Combination Class is an ideal way to enjoy the best of both Group and One to One class: 20 hours of Group class + 3 hours of private One to One tutoring. Perfect for students wishing to study specific kinds of French (e.g., business French, French for tourism, cooking, airlines, etc.).
    Minimum age: Combination classes are reserved for adult students 16 years of age or over.