This first video is a soaring aerial tour of the school, our neighborhood and Sancerre — enjoy!
These next videos go “behind the scenes” at Coeur de France and show what some of the excursions and activities actually look like, what it’s like in a group class, an impromptu testimonial, and a video showing the challenges of using a French washing machine!

A note on style: Unlike the video above and our main video, these videos are less formal and polished and in spite of this informality, we think they show some of the real character of Sancerre and what it’s like on a Coeur de France cultural excursion.

Much of the dialogue of these videos is in French.

Coeur de France founder Gérard Chartrand’s weekly wine tour. More than a simple tasting, this weekly ‘behind the scenes’ cultural exursion is one of the most popular we offer. Students learn how Sancerre wine is made, how to taste it and much more.

Coeur de France founder and Director of Instruction Marianne Chartrand and students have some French tongue twisters. Part of the scene appeared in our main video but we thought you might enjoy seeing all of it! (Note: this is a VERY rough unedited clip.)

Students learn the delicate art of making a croissant at a local boulangerie.

While producers were interviewing teacher Caroline for a recent video about Coeur de France, her student Andrea arrived unexpectedly and spontaneously offered her own views of the school and experience. This scene was cut from the main video but we thought you might like to see this rough outtake.

The early bird gets the … fresh baguettes!

Each student apartment has its own washing machine and French washing machines really ARE different as these students find out!

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