Who says you can’t make authentic French cuisine at home?


Start with a generous helping of delicious Loire Valley recipes, add the savoir-faire of Coeur de France teachers and simmer in a rich sauce of pure French language. Voilà – you’ve got our French Home Cooking Class!

Discover Sancerre’s delicious regional cuisine by preparing it yourself. Learn new skills and recipes that you can do back home while improving your spoken French.


Remember, the object of this class is not to learn exotic French cuisine preparation, it is to improve your French language skills in a fun and interesting activity with staff. In this weekly hands-on class, students are introduced to Loire Valley gastronomy, its preparation, presentation and “dégustation” while simultaneously improving their verbal French skills. The class is open to all ages and levels of students. To insure a quality learning experience the class is conducted at Coeur de France by Coeur de France teachers themselves and class size is limited.

This is very much a “hands on” class. Slice and dice, simmer and stir… roll up your sleeves and get to work!


Cost: Adults are about 25 euros per 2 – 3 hour lesson (cost includes the meal and wine), children under 12 years-old are 20 euros. This optional program is limited to a maximum of 8 students per lesson.

You may sign up for the lesson(s) when you arrive at Coeur de France.


Q: “Can my children participate?”

A: Yes, children are welcome to participate.

Q: “My wife is coming with me to Coeur de France but will not be taking French lessons. Can she attend the cooking class?”

A: While the class is intended for students, family members are warmly welcomed provided that they respect the French – only language rule in class. If there is a minimum of 3 non-students interested in a cooking class conducted in English, it may be arranged separately.